We’re tremendously proud of our first issue of Spiorad (get your free copy if you haven’t already!), and we’re very grateful to all our contributors.

Now it’s begging time again, and we want your submissions! The spring issue of Spiorad is now underway, and we’ve selected a theme we hope will serve as a springboard rather than a barrier for content.

Why breath? A few reasons. It is a roomy theme, with plenty of space in both its literal and figurative associations. (Do a word cloud with breath, and see what we mean!) We like the biblical connections to life and spirit. We appreciate its prominent role in singing and meditating, two subjects we’re determined to include in the next issue. And we value the fact that for all its spiritual and abstract associations, breath remains a deeply physical reality. It is both poetry and prose.

Speaking of poetry and prose (how do you like that segue?), send your submissions to spiorad[at]tcd.ie. We’re looking for photography and artwork in addition to text. If you have something you’d like to submit, but don’t think it relates to the theme, send it anyway. It may relate more than you think, or we may be able to use it in a future issue, or we may even publish it here on the blog.

More news coming soon!